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The Perfect

Shopping Bag Solution

At iTySE we are doing our best to save the planet in style.

Our line of DuraMesh bags are arguably the most durable reusable bags ever made. And our awesome carry cases are both stylish and functional.


Not only are we helping keep those dreaded plastic bags out of our oceans and landfills, but we are also dedicated to helping incarcerated men repay society.

When you know better, you do better!

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DuraMesh Bags

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Our mesh bags are made using one piece DuraMesh fabric with industrial stitching.

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Our multi purpose bags hold over 50lbs and our  produce bags hold over 15lbs. 8x the capacity of a plastic bag.


Our bags can be washed hundreds of times without losing their shape or strength.

All iTySE products are made in the USA and carry a 25 Year Guarantee.


Multi Purpose Bag


Produce Bag

Designer Cases

Our stylish & durable cases are designed to store at least 6 mesh bags. 


We currently offer over 12 patterns and add new patterns throughout the year.


All designer cases include 3 DuraMesh shopping bags and can store up to 3 additional shopping bags or 3 produce bags for a total of 6+ bags per case.

We also sell individual designer cases if you'd like to add to your collection!

The BiTySE

No reason to forget your bag again! The BiTySE starts small and finishes BIG!


These bags start out as 4.5″ x 4″ pouch that opens to a full-size mesh bag or backpack. The pouch stays attached and closes with a drawstring.


Each bag will hold 3 full gallons of water and the mesh bag has the same iTySE 25 Year Guarantee!


When you are done just stuff the mesh bag back into the pouch and store it in your purse, pocket, or cup holder.





Mystical Lavender
Surf Dogs

DuraMesh Backpack

iTySE Backpacks start small and finish big!


They stow away in their own attached carrying case. This attached carrying case makes a great place to keep your keys and cell phone when using the backpack. They are great for stadium bags, as the mesh allows for quick security screening.


They are light weight and yet very durable and most of all WASHABLE! The durable mesh makes them great for the beach or damp clothes.

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