Looking for promotional idea for your business? Check out our new Branded Bags!

Designer Case

Cases include 3 individual 

mesh bags and can hold up to 8 mesh bags. Mesh bags carry a 25 year warranty.

iTySE Bags are Stylish, Sustainable & Socially Minded

New Branded Bags!

Branded iTySE bags will be the latest addition to our wonderful line in 2020. We will be offering our BiTySE and Carry-All mesh bags, customized with your business’ name and logo. 


Our branded bags are perfect for corporate gifts, weddings, trade shows, and other promotional opportunities. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today.


Saving the Planet with Style!

The iTySE reusable shopping bag was designed to be an eco-friendly shopping bag for those who want to save the planet and look good doing it!


Our reusable net mesh bags are:

        Made in the USA - Washable - Compact and Durable - 25 year guarantee on all mesh bags