Our 100 Year Guarantee

iTySE Shopping Bags are hand-sewn from single cut DuraMesh fabric which creates a sustainable bag that is guaranteed for 100 years. 


If your iTySE DuraMesh shopping bag rips, tears, or loses its stitching, we will repair or replace your bag, at our discretion, for up to 100 years.


What iTySE bags are covered?


All of our DuraMesh bags are covered by the 100 Year Guarantee. This includes our shopping bags, mesh bags, carry-all bags, and BiTySE attached bags.

What exactly does the guarantee cover?

Our 100 Year Guarantee covers DuraMesh bag material and construction under intended wear and use. Our shopping bags are intended to be used to hold anything from groceries to gardening supplies. Our shopping bags have also been known to be used for (insert something funny) which is still covered under our 100 year guarantee. Accidents and abuse such as grizzly bear attacks, using our bags for a parachute, and gross negligence, are not covered and will render the guarantee void. We reserve the right to determine usage.

I tried carrying over 125 apples using my DuraMesh shopping bag, is that covered?

While we applaud your efforts, and anything is possible with an iTySE DuraMesh shopping bag, we have to draw the line somewhere!

What about my iTySE carry case, does it have a guarantee?

Although we do not offer a guarantee for our carry cases, we will consider replacements or repairs on a case by case basis. We stand behind all iTySE products and will do our best to take care of our customers.

Can I add my iTySE bags to my will?

Of course you can and what a great inheritance! All we need is the original purchaser's name and address.

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